Get Kids Excited to Read Across America

Participate in National Read Across America DayMany parents can relate to having fond memories of their child curling up next to them to read…

How to Bond and Motivate Kids to Read

Children who read regularly demonstrate increased vocabulary comprehension and even better brain functionality, which means reading can be motivating for kids. Just like with…

The Important Benefits of Art for Kids

It’s no secret that Art Class often appears as a favorite amongst students in both the younger and older age categories. Compared to other…

New Website to Empower Kids

You’re invited! Join us at our new website for Little Dreamers. The Little Light Series is an interactive reading and art website designed to…

Your Inquisitive Little Dreamer

Curious about the meaning of November, I decided to look it up. Yet, I discovered even more. Inquisitive little dreamers are eager to learn. It’s incredible what one can find when they have an interest in knowing something. Fun Fact: Did you know that November was originally the

A Spooktacular Week for Little Dreamers

Countdown to Halloween! I’m sure you moms and dads have come up with new ways to celebrate with your little ones. Even Dr. Sanjay Gupta had an expert guest on his show this week to share safe activities to help children enjoy themselves. Add art to your list! I’ve got some imaginative creatures

Charming Little Dreamers at Halloween

Kids are charming in every situation. For example, who can dress in a costume, knock on someone’s door, and get candy by saying only three words, “Trick or Treat?” Who dares, in return, to reward the giver of the treat with a

Faboolous Little Dreamers

In keeping with our Halloween theme this month, we want to share a fun fact with all of the faboolous kids who might be curious about the origin of this holiday. Fun Fact: This spookiest day of the year began more than 2000 years ago in Europe. There will be a full

Little Dreamers Prep for Halloween

Don’t get spooked! Halloween is around the corner! Are you prepared? Tricks, treats, and wearing their new costume is what’s brewing in the minds of kids this month. Whatever you’re planning to do, be sure to include activities leading up to the big day. Don’t have anything in mind? We’ve got

Growing Little Dreamers

Children are all about growth! Although rules and limitations are a part of life, expansion and growth are also! Sometimes, parents must say no to their children. It’s necessary for growth. But what about those yeses! Many parents who have enrolled their children in

Remarkable Little Dreamers

What’s the perfect word to describe kids who can articulate their thoughts through art? Remarkable is the word! In an art lesson this week, we drew a knight. The 4-8-year-olds followed my step-by-step process, engaged socially, and did a great job illustrating the knight

Skillful Little Dreamers

Kids develop skills at an early age. Little dreamers in my new Character Art class are a real inspiration to me. Their drawings will make anyone smile. They are also skillful in following directions. I’m proud to have stepped into this magical world to create new wonders with all the little 4-8-year-olds

Trailblazing Little Dreamers in Art

I can’t believe I finished my first week teaching online Character Art to over 23 little Picassos. We even had a 9-year-old attend! Initially, I was a bit nervous because I’d never taught art to anyone before, let alone kids. I also learned so much from each little dreamer who became trailblazers along with me.

Cartooning for Little Dreamers

Boys and girls, it’s time to draw with me! Moms and dads, this is the big debut week of my online “Little Dreamers Character Art” classes! It’s where I’ll teach your little dreamers (ages 4-8) basic cartooning. It all takes place from my virtual “Dream Lab” classroom

Character Art for Little Dreamers

Starting September 1, children ages 4-8 can join me for weekly online art classes where I’ll teach them how to draw using letters, numbers, and shapes. I came up with the “Character Art” idea because each little dreamer, your child, will learn how to create art using familiar characters they know and use when they speak, write,

Art Classes for Little Dreamers

Every child loves to draw! So, we’re starting online art classes for kids ages 4-8! It’s called Little Dreamers Character Art: Letters, Numbers, Shapes!” During these difficult times, we’ve dreamed up another way to keep those little lights shining in children as they begin to transition back to school.

Brilliant Little Dreamers

There are many ways to show smarts; making good grades in school is one way. If you ask your child a question, they’ve got an answer. Right or wrong, they will dream up something that makes sense to them. They also use this quick and natural sharpness while having fun.

Energetic Little Dreamers

Positive energy radiates from children! Running, jumping, dancing, playing, learning, and anything fun is the nature of kids. In my book, “Goodnight, Little Dreamer”, the mom catches her son playing in his room when he’s supposed to be asleep. Sounds familiar?

Unselfish Little Dreamers

Unselfish? Here’s a behavior that can make a parent proud. But we can all be a little selfish sometimes. I can definitely raise my hand on that one! However, to be unselfish takes real character. Fortunately, since life doesn’t allow us to get our way all the time, we don’t get to wield

The Joys of Humor by Little Dreamers

Where’s your humor? Have you had a good laugh today? A little cheer can go a long way. For example: When I was a kid, I always found ways to make my mom laugh. I soon learned that it didn’t take much to get her going. You know the story of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” Right? One of my favorite

Acts of Kindness and Little Dreamers

Little dreamers enjoy all the kindnesses shown by their parents, family, and friends. They see it and learn from it. Showing kindness to others can be a rewarding experience for both the giver and receiver. Now that everyone is wearing masks due to the corona crisis, it is hard to recognize a friendly

Little Dreamers Make a Difference

Every day we have the chance to make a difference. Little dreamers are difference-makers, too — no matter how young the child may be or how small the difference may be. Children are active learners and love to do things. Will they make a few flaws along the way?

Little Dreamers – Becoming Your Best Self

“There are days I have a flow of ideas, and some days I get stuck,” I said in a recent social media post. As a children’s book author and illustrator, whenever this occurs, it shows that I am human and is a reminder that we can all get stuck at times. However, in the process,

Generous Dads and their Little Dreamers

Since Father’s Day was this past Sunday, and it officially starts the week, the Little Dreamer and I decided to celebrate dads all week. There’s no doubt that moms play a big roll in raising their children. But, dads get the glory this week for all that they do in the ways of a father.

Little Dreamers Learn Patience

Patience is something that doesn’t come easy for everyone, especially a growing child. When children are very young, like the 2- to 6-year-olds we engage each week with the blog and newsletter, parents and teachers must teach them about patience. I’ve always found it easy for me to be a patient listener.

Hopeful Little Dreamers – Times of Unrest

During this time of unrest, let’s be clear. The future of this country is also the future of ALL our children. We need a society that matches the same virtues of character that we teach our children, which makes hope possible. They deserve Fairness, Love, Justice, Equality, and all things that

The Thoughtful Little Dreamer

How thoughtful is your little dreamer? Some people think children don’t have much to think about because they’re so young and haven’t lived long enough to have any deep thought. But kids think about much more than we can imagine. They are considerate of others in their thoughts and actions.

Little Dreamers Show Honor

I could not miss showing respect for Memorial Day in this issue because many little dreamers have family members in the military. Hence, we dedicate this 10th edition of the newsletter to all the soldiers who surrendered their lives for this country. The word we chose for this week is “honor.”

The Adventurous Little Dreamer

This time of year school is letting out, and summertime is here — which means fun time! Typically, families are planning to go on vacation, kids attend summer camps, and the beaches are bustling. Kids would be involved in all kinds of in- and outdoor activities.

The Adaptable Little Dreamer

As you can see, this Little Dreamer is wearing his mask today, which shows that he’s adapting quite well to these changing times. Children never cease to amaze me because even during difficult times, they only see the bright side. If parents wear their masks, wash their hands, and maintain 6-feet social distance, they will want to do it too.

Little Dreamers R Optimistic

Optimism is something you find in positive people. No one has to teach a child this behavior. They are born with it. Would you describe your little dreamer as optimistic? Young children don’t know anything about negative talk or impossibilities until they learn it from someone.

Your Curious Little Dreamer

They say, “Inquiring minds want to know.” Do you have a curious child? Does your child ask lots of questions? Little dreamers can be curious about everything. If they’re not satisfied with your answer, they will continue to ask?

Little Dreamers are Creative

Moms and dads, isn’t it great to see how creative your child can be? Kids can have some of the most vivid imaginations. And it doesn’t take much to get those little minds churning. I know because I’m one of those little dreamers. That’s why I decided to write a book to inspire every child.

Happy Little Dreamers

This Easter was the first time our nation experienced what it’s like to celebrate a holiday under quarantine. It is a time when many children traditionally celebrate at church and with family and friends hunting for eggs. Although the outdoor festivities could not happen, the holiday was still prevalent. Families watched church services streamed in on TV from the comfort of their living rooms.

The Determined Little Dreamer

What’s up with the little dreamer this week? Well, we’ve been thinking about the many positive character traits that can benefit little dreamers and why they are so valuable in the lives of growing children. But first, we would like to ask parents for their feedback. Parents, what are some of the characteristics that stand out about your child?

April Fool’s Day with the Little Dreamer

Yeah, you guessed it. While I was focused on this week’s newsletter, the Little Dreamer obviously had something else in mind. Do you know what’s special about this day? April 1st is April Fool’s Day, a day for playing funny tricks on family and friends.

Weekly Inspirations for Little Dreamers

WELCOME to the debut issue of “Weekly Inspirations,” the E-Newsletter for Little Dreamers. The idea for creating this publication was born out of a desire to continue efforts to inspire and stimulate the imaginations of little dreamers everywhere. This is also the debut of my BLOG, which will be the platform used to deliver the weekly newsletter and further engage my readers.