The Determined Little Dreamer

What’s up with the little dreamer this week? Well, we’ve been thinking about the many positive character traits that can benefit little dreamers and why they are so valuable in the lives of growing children. But first, we would like to ask parents for their feedback. Parents, what are some of the characteristics that stand out about your child? For example, is your little dreamer curious, thoughtful, funny, confident, bossy, creative, etc.?

Sometimes kids will surprise us with their behaviors and creative imaginations. For instance, this Little Dreamer has the spirit of determination. He learned it from his mom when she taught him how to count sheep to fall asleep in my book, “Goodnight, Little Dreamer.” In her loving way, she was determined to see that he fall asleep. At first, he had no idea how a sheep should look. But once his mom got his imagination going and told him to try counting sheep to fall asleep, he began to imagine sheep in his own unique way. Through that experience, he gained confidence and learned the value of determination.


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