Little Dreamer Book Series

The book series communicates and promotes positive action for children with an aim to energize, enlighten, and empower young readers to keep their minds inspired.

Learning Perks:

  • Learn how a child can use his imagination for everyday problem-solving.
  • Discover how nurturing a child’s creativity can inspire confidence.
  • See how bringing back printed book reading and active parenting is an opportunity for conversation between the parent and child.
  • Discover how spending quality time with your child can bridge the gap between generations.

Learn more about my Little Dreamer books and coloring book series:

Little Dreamers Character Art is an online classroom hosted on a platform called Outschool, where I teach basic cartooning to kids ages 4-8 using numbers, letters, and shapes to create art. With the use of these characters that they also learn in school, kids attending my art sessions will gain extra practice, speaking confidence, and have fun building on their drawing skills.

Learning Perks:

  • Enhance fine motor skills and Penmanship
  • Become more familiar with numbers, letters, and shapes
  • Learn how to incorporate numbers, letters, and shapes into drawing skills
  • Gain public speaking skills during art presentations
  • Build social skills with a like-minded community of kids
  • Improve drawing skills and love for art
  • Achieve confidence in ability to create and grow as a little dreamer and budding artist

Students & Success:

Over 1400 Five Star Reviews and over 1500 classes completed. Classes available in-person or online. 

For more information, contact us. Or click the link to learn more about the online Outschool classes:

Book Me to Speak

After becoming an author, Sterling had the pleasure of presenting live and virtual talks and readings to children in some of the local schools and began teaching art online—all in an effort to keep their “little lights” shining.

Want to book me to visit?

Complete the Pre-Event Questionnaire here. Use it to share what you have in mind for the event. That way, we can better prepare to meet your needs. For example, we may provide flyer templates you can photocopy and post to announce the event, book order forms, info on how to prepare for an online art class or author visit, and more.

School Author-Artist Visits

Want to get your students excited about reading and art? True to the Little Light Series’ mission, my author-artist visits will energize, enlighten, and empower the minds of little dreamers. The sessions are engaging, educational, and, most of all, inspiring! Kids have a way of expressing themselves and Read-Alouds and art can help.

They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Below is a photo that shows how kids express themselves after a read-aloud experience. Your students will have fun and leave more inspired and empowered to dream and become more imaginative and creative thinkers and learner.


Pre-Event Questionnaire

Considering having Sterling Freeman speak, read, or conduct an art or book signing session for your students or event? Please tell us about your upcoming program/event. We will get back to you right away. Should you wish to move forward, we will contact you regarding next steps.