Happy Little Dreamers

This Easter was the first time our nation experienced what it’s like to celebrate a holiday under quarantine. It is a time when many children traditionally celebrate at church and with family and friends hunting for eggs. Although the outdoor festivities could not happen, the holiday was still prevalent. Families watched church services streamed in on TV from the comfort of their living rooms. Kids also hunted for eggs filled with different candies, chocolate treats, and other sweet surprises. And don’t forget the Easter bunny and baskets. The parents and community somehow made that possible, too. The saying is true, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” In every way, it resulted in a day of victory and smiling faces.

The Coronavirus and quarantine may have prevented the traditional way of celebrating. But it didn’t stop parents from enjoying this time with their children and honoring this occasion through faith.

We hope your Easter was full of joy and lots of fun.


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