Get Kids Excited to Read Across America

Participate in National Read Across America Day

Many parents can relate to having fond memories of their child curling up next to them to read a book together. This activity not only creates instant feelings of closeness and security, but it also promotes warm feelings towards the act of reading.

In addition, reading together opens up important avenues of trust and communication. By setting aside time to read together, parents are giving their children the gift of fond memories around reading.

Students who develop this love for reading early on are more likely to grow into avid readers. There’s no better time to reestablish a reading routine with your Little Dreamer than on National Read Across America Day (March 2nd)!

As stated by National Today, “The day was established by the National Education Association (NEA) in 1998 to help get kids excited about reading.” The holiday also marks Dr. Seuss’ birthday; who is, as you know, a renowned children’s book author.

Try out these three activities to kick off the daily habit of reading with your child!

Take Turns Reading Out Loud

Empower your Little Dreamer by allowing them to take the reins and read part of the book with you. Students who are just beginning to string together words need regular practice and consistent reassurance that they are making progress.

As stated by The Hechinger Report, “Along with time dedicated to teaching phonics…children should participate in read-alouds with their teacher to build vocabulary and content knowledge.” In addition to reading out loud at school, students can benefit from practicing in the comfort of their own home with their parents.

Allow Them to Just Listen

Especially after a long day at school, reading to your child can be a soothing activity to help them wind down from the day. Even if they aren’t reading, they can quietly follow along and mentally engage with the content.

While carving out time to read with your child each day, it is important to create a nurturing atmosphere around the activity. It is the sense of comfort and togetherness that makes this mind-building pastime desirable for children.

Inspire Them with Little Dreamer Books

In addition to Dr. Seuss’s books, the Little Dreamer Series is a great collection to bring families together for reading time. Goodnight, Little Dreamer is perfect for nighttime before bed reading routines. Check out Wake Up, Little Dreamer to help your child start their morning in a positive way with a good book!

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