Wake Up, Little Dreamer

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Hardback: $21.95 (11″ x 8.5” @Barnes & Noble) | Paperback: $8.95 (8.25″ x 6″)


Let the dreaming begin! This children’s story peeks into a child’s mind as he dreams of all the things he wants to be when he grows up. With the help of imagination, your little dreamer can be anything or EVERYTHING they want to be. Enjoy 32-pages filled with colorful illustrations that radiate like the rising sun and a story that captivates and inspires kids to live all their dreams.

With this book, you and your child will:

  • Learn how a child can use imagination to experience their future.
  • See how nurturing a child’s creativity inspires confidence.
  • Observe how parents reading a book with their child becomes quality family fun time and an opportunity for conversation with your child.
  • Discover how encouraging your son or daughter to explore their talents and dreams opens their imagination to possibilities.
  • Enjoy watching how your child will see a likeness of themself as they become enraptured by the illustrations and story.

Wake Up, Little Dreamer is the second book in the Little Dreamer series for young creatives and emerging leaders. Like the first book, Goodnight, Little Dreamer, it aims to keep their minds inspired and their “little lights” shining. It’s the perfect bedtime story, or anytime storybook, for kids ages 2-6.

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