Goodnight, Little Dreamer

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Hardback: $18.95 (11″ x 8.5”) | Paperback: $8.95 (8.25″ x 6″)

This bedtime story captures the night of an imaginative child and a loving mother. With the aid of a warm glass of milk and a few sheep, it is sure to help the creative mind of your little one drift off to sleep. Enjoy 28 pages filled with colorful illustrations to help make reading a joy. The story opens with a young boy playing excitedly in his room and transitions into a soothing calm, just like the moonlit, starry night.

With this book, you and your child will:

  • Learn how a child can use his imagination to help solve everyday problems.
  • Discover how nurturing a child’s creativity can inspire confidence.
  • See how bringing back printed book reading and active parenting is an opportunity for conversation between the parent and child.
  • Discover how spending quality time with your child can bridge the gap between generations.

Goodnight, Little Dreamer is the first book in author and illustrator Sterling B. Freeman’s upcoming series for young creatives and emerging leaders. It aims to keep their minds inspired and their “little lights” shining. It’s the perfect bedtime story for kids ages 2–6.

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