Hopeful Little Dreamers – Times of Unrest

During this time of unrest, let’s be clear. The future of this country is also the future of ALL our children. We need a society that matches the same virtues of character that we teach our children, which makes hope possible. They deserve Fairness, Love, Justice, Equality, and all things that help them be the BEST they can be. We MUST practice what we teach. That way, we can have a world where the character we teach our kids doesn’t leave them feeling like an outcast in a country they call home. Let’s be thoughtful about how we can go from hard times into BETTER times. Hope is how it happens.

Lots have happened since the debut of the Little Dreamer Blog-Newsletter. The Coronavirus put the world under siege. The tragic death of George Floyd awoke the nation and incited national protests. We dedicate this 12th issue to George Floyd’s of the world. Standing in solidarity for the human rights of all, we must continue to INSPIRE HOPE and work to keep the light shining in the hearts and minds of all little dreamers. The world is watching.


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