Art for Kids – North Carolina Author-Illustrator Makes News

Sterling Freeman touched hearts, piqued curiosity, and inspired audiences in his recent interview with Bob Buckley through Fox 8 News. As a North Carolina author and illustrator, Mr. Freeman expressed his nervousness before he launched his online Little Dreamers Character Art class.

As stated in the interview, he had no previous experience in teaching art; however, he was confident in his artistic abilities and his students quickly fell in love with his teaching style. Mr. Freeman’s art for children classes are not limited to North Carolina residents as he is quoted to say, “I have students from Bolivia, Sweden, Japan.”

The power of the Internet allows him to teach students from all corners of the world! Through his children’s book, Goodnight, Little Dreamer, other books in the series, as well as his Little Dreamers Character Art Classes, Mr. Freeman has big plans to continuously energize, enlighten, and empower children.

He is constantly evolving and brainstorming new ways to have a positive impact on the world– especially on the lives of children. Mr. Freeman’s consistent mission through his writing and art is to inspire children to keep dreaming and to help them reach the milestones necessary to achieve those dreams.

Little Dreamers Character Art

Little Dreamers Character Art is an extension of Mr. Freeman’s passion for writing and illustrating children’s books. Presently, he has around 1600 students who sign in from all around the world to experience his character drawing art classes!

Mr. Freeman’s art instruction uses numbers, letters, and shapes in the drawing of characters. This method is perfect for building children’s fine motor skills as well as their confidence in their skills and ability to express their thoughts and feelings.

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