Character Art for Little Dreamers

Starting September 1, children ages 4-8 can join me for weekly online art classes where I’ll teach them how to draw using letters, numbers, and shapes. I came up with the “Character Art” idea because each little dreamer, your child, will learn how to create art using familiar characters they know and use when they speak, write, read, or count. We’ll take these simple, everyday symbols and turn them into something with character and more. Just like the work we’ll do together to create art, each child brings their own unique personality (character) to the learning process. Put it all together, and you get “Little Dreamers Character Art!”

Enroll ASAP…Seats are limited to six students per class! Flexible schedule. Affordable!

Check out the intro video and scroll down to see the classes and registration details here: scheduled here.

Free Download: Newsletter with Activity Lesson 23

Sterling B. Freeman,

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  • EEugenemFreen
    August 26, 2020 4:03 pm

    I like to share a story with all the little dreamers. When I was in the first grade, I had to spend most of the year in the hospital and at home. My teacher would bring my school work to my house. Our class project was to draw a picture. I drew a picture for my teacher and she kept it forever. Even when I was in middle school she had it hanging in her home. I never forgot Mrs Smith and how that made me feel.


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