Weekly Inspirations for Little Dreamers

WELCOME to the debut issue of “Weekly Inspirations,” the Newsletter for Little Dreamers. The idea for creating this publication was born out of a desire to continue efforts to inspire and stimulate the imaginations of children ages 2-6. This is also the debut of my BLOG, which will be the platform used to deliver the weekly newsletter and further engage the readers. These dream-boosting tools are by-products of my new children’s book, “Goodnight, Little Dreamer.” The book is the first in my coming series.

In light of the COVID-19 crisis and its impact on children, parents, and the world, the newsletter is a small way of inspiring kids to dream and keep their “little lights” shining. The aim is to give children and parents creative and fun learning moments they can expect and enjoy.


  • LaTonya Bell
    March 25, 2020 8:37 pm

    Good Evening Sterling, you are doing a great job. I love what you are doing and keep up the good work Little Dreamers.
    LaTonya Bell
    LaTonya Bell

    • Sterling Freeman
      March 27, 2020 3:22 am

      Thank you Mrs. Jazzy for always supporting me. And I definitely will.

  • Hi Sterling,

    Keep the light shining Bright just as the star you are and it will surely shine on the little Dreamers!!!. You have a winner. Inspiring kids is a gift from God. Keep up the good work!!!

    Dr. Hunter

    • Sterling Freeman
      March 27, 2020 3:29 am

      These are words that I will aspire to live up to. Thank you for the compliments, support, and for sharing.

  • Eugene Freeman
    March 26, 2020 11:18 pm

    Great job! Excellent newsletter. Keep up the good work.

  • This is such a blessing to our young learners. Great tool for parents to use as well. Thank you for this focus and your example to all children in our community. What a great way to give back. I will share often.

    • Sterling Freeman
      March 27, 2020 3:37 am

      Thank you Dr. Irby for this kind comment. I’m glad to be a part of the contribution to the inspiration of our future. Thank you again for your support and sharing.

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