A Spooktacular Week for Little Dreamers

Countdown to Halloween! I’m sure you moms and dads have come up with new ways to celebrate with your little ones. Even Dr. Sanjay Gupta had an expert guest on his show this week to share safe activities to help children enjoy themselves. Add art to your list! I’ve got some imaginative creatures for the little dreamers to draw this week, and kids can come in costume! Expect an extra SPOOKTACULAR surprise for Halloween day. Fun Fact: Did you know pumpkins are a fruit, not a vegetable?

Got a 4-8-year-old who likes to draw or wants to learn? Sign them up for my online art classes! This week, we’ll draw Halloween art using characters 9, I, and a shape. Click the link to view the intro video and class schedule, and to enroll here: scheduled here.

Free Download: Newsletter with Spooktacular Activity Lesson 32

Sterling B. Freeman,

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