Charming Little Dreamers at Halloween

Kids are charming in every situation. For example, who can dress in a costume, knock on someone’s door, and get candy by saying only three words, “Trick or Treat?” Who dares, in return, to reward the giver of the treat with a trick? Your charming little dreamers can. Kids in their costumes will bring out that extra charm for extra treats on Halloween. Fun Fact: Did you know that turnips, not pumpkins, were carved to make the first Jack-o-Lanterns back in earlier times?

Got a 4-8-year-old? Sign them up for my online art classes! This week, we’ll draw Halloween art using characters 8, H, and a shape. Click the link to view the intro video, spooky class schedule, and to enroll here: scheduled here.

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Sterling B. Freeman,

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