Growing Little Dreamers

Children are all about growth! Although rules and limitations are a part of life, expansion and growth are also! Sometimes, parents must say no to their children. It’s necessary for growth. But what about those yeses! Many parents who have enrolled their children in my new online art classes have repeatedly said yes when their Little Dreamer asks for more lessons. That’s because they see growth in their confidence and skills. Classes are growing in demand, and I’ve opened more time slots to meet them! The more your child learns new things, the more their imagination will grow!

Got a little dreamer? Download the Newsletter below and have them show off their art skills on page 3. Or sign them up! This week we create art using characters 5, E, and a shape. Click the link to see the intro video and class schedule, and to enroll here: scheduled here.

Free Download: Newsletter with Growth Activity 28

Sterling B. Freeman,

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