Trailblazing Little Dreamers in Art

I can’t believe I finished my first week teaching online Character Art to over 23 little Picassos. We even had a 9-year-old attend! Initially, I was a bit nervous because I’d never taught art to anyone before, let alone kids. I also learned so much from each little dreamer who became trailblazers along with me. Over 21% of the kids returned for a second class! It was great to see their artwork at the end of each session and to receive 5-star reviews from their parents.

Got a 4-8-year-old who likes to draw and wants to blaze a few trails? Try out a session. This week, we’re creating art with number 2, letter B, and a rectangle. Click the link to see the intro video, class schedule, and to enroll here: scheduled here.

Look to see your dreamer in class!

Sterling B. Freeman,

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